Micahtron: Bringing Sexy Back to the Queer Rap

Bay Area produces yet another brilliant hiphop artist. Micahtron is Tramicah Dempsey, born and raised in San Francisco, coming straight at us with her mad skills. Lyrics wise and attitude wise, Micahtron reminds of Lil Kim, so it is no surprise the two shared a stage, with Micahtron being the opening act. Soundwise she’s employing a bas rich electronic sound moving along the lines of Missy Elliott, Le1f and Cakes Da Killa (both of whom she also opened up for). Her flow is immaculate.

Micahtron caught our attention with her first video ‘Bumper’, shot in San Francisco and Oakland during the SF dyke march and the Santa Cruz pride. It was catchy, powerful and in your face and we immediately wanted to pole dance the day away to it. Micahtron brings the sexy back to rap.


For the past few months, Micahtron has been touring the world, and before she releases new music, the video for ‘Daydreaming’ is here to be enjoyed. We had a short chat about it and her recent experiences.

You’ve spent 2014 on tour. How was it for you and where did you find the queer rap scene most vibrant?

M: I spent six months overseas, and I would say the most vibrant queer scene for me was in Australia. They have a very connected scene, and everyone I met was amazing.

How is the European scene different or similar to your native Bay Area, where hiphop is booming and queer rap already exists on the map?

M: I love the European scene. It’s so different, in many ways. They appreciate and support the hiphop culture almost in a way Americans don’t.

Is ‘Daydreaming’, your latest video, a product of that tour?

M: The video for ‘Daydreaming’ is an idea I came up with that shares my experience from overseas. The song is really old, but I thought it would be cool to create some final visuals of my old work before releasing my new work.


Micahtron stated it herself; there’s not a lot of lesbian rappers out there, at least not those who are open about it. It takes one listen to understand that Micahtron raps with a mission; it is important that she’s an out rapper working for the visibility of female queer rappers. Her lyrics are not just reactionary, they are instigatory. Whilst she is in a dialogue with her contemporaries, she also starts anew and creates a new dimension with ease and modesty. Just the way she talks about life challenges brings about the most natural flow one can imagine, convincing me she’s one of the nicest and coolest people in the world.

I’d wanna hear Micahtron’s views on just about anything, so thank heavens she’s a rapper bound to release new raps. Love her or hate her? The answer’s obvious.

Homophobia is not exclusive to rap music no less than misogyny is. Micahtron understands that and does plenty in order to change that reputation. In the line of sexual explicity we don’t feel at shaky grounds with Micahtron. Her lyrics are notoriously sexual, offering us lyrical sex we can enjoy guilt free; her lyrics diligently follow the empowering women principle, rather than exploit and direct.


Currently, Micahtron is working on releasing her first EP. Talented, politically engaged and hot as lava, this artist is going places and it’s about time.


Video credits:

Michatron – Daydreaming


Recorded and edited by: Micahtron

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