Maii and Zeid: Underground expressions of Alexandria

Maii Waleed from Alexandria, Egypt  has paired with Lebanese indie musician Zeid Hamdan – the duo released the album Moga in 2013 (produced by Zeid).

Maii’s music is a curious concoction of emotional lyrics sung in Arabic, and carefully yet playfully chosen melodies, rhythms, and pauses. The musical match between Maii and Zeid on Moga appear seamless. Zeid’s characteristic sound involving both strings and melodica, makes reference to the pioneering Lebanese indie scene that he previously defined with Lebanese singer/songwriter Yasmine Hamdan in the 1990’s.

maiiwaleed1.pngScreenshot: Maii and Zeid – Kalam el leil

Maii’s music is going everywhere and anywhere, she sings like she’s talking to a friend, telling us about situations and possibilities. It’s moody, pretty and a bit investigative – imagine that Maii’s secretly agreed with like-minded people that life’s often harsh and disappointing but she makes it okay and beautiful by putting words and melodies into it.

maiiwaleed.pngScreenshot: Maii and Zeid – Kalam el leil

It sounds so effortless and non-pretentious, like there’s nothing to question. Even though you might not understand the lyrics, you’ll understand where Maii wants to go and you’ll want to see that place.

maiiwaleed2.pngScreenshot: Maii and Zeid – Kalam el leil

Have a listen! Here’s is the single Kalam el leil (i.e. Words of the night) which was released by Maii and Zeid this summer.


Maii and Zeid – Kalam el leil

A song by: Maii and Zeid

Lyrics and Music by: Maii Waleed

Produced by: Zeid hamdan

Video shot between Beirut and Alexandria in May/June 2014