Let there be light: by Senay Berhe

In the brightness of a breaking dawn, a deserted, mute and stripped down Stockholm reveals it’s true colours in it’s serene empty state – free of pedestrians and noise. Brace yourself as morning breaks in our hometown – coz nothing beats Stockholm on an early morning. This video is a must-see.

In ‘Vår Nivå’ (ie. ‘Our Level’) by H.M.S.V (ft. Julia Spada) director Senay Berhe takes us on a ride across the capital and reminds us how beautiful early mornings can be in Sweden. The video dropped during this summer and we miss those days of summerly daylight, kicking back in shades and indulging the sun.

Rap-duo and – lyrical casanovas – Meron Mangasha and Henok Achido never fail to impress us with their romantic serenades, rapping about ‘…counting freckles’ and ‘going down on one knee’ for your beloved one in Roma, the capital of love. All accompanied by Julia Spada’s honey sweet voice (who could make anyones heart melt!) in this lovey-dovey tune.‘Vår Nivå’ by H.M.S.V (ft. Julia Spada) dropped on Hemmalaget in August 2014‘Vår Nivå’ by H.M.S.V (ft. Julia Spada) dropped on Hemmalaget in August 2014

The reminder alone comes in quite handy for Scandinavians this time of the year who practically have learnt to endure darkness 6 months a year. (We shake it off and cure it by dancing it off on weekends. No probs.) It would however NOT disappoint anyone if someone from above would consider popping by and performing a divine intervention by sprinkling some light when we’re (obviously) screaming for it. Aww, sigh, those let-there-be-light-moments remain out of reach for another 6 months. This piece is a rewind we’ve been waiting for.

Senay told us:

– We shot the video during a couple of hours in the summer, we wanted to capture how beautiful Stockholm is in the morning, which we miss most of the year. At the same time we also want to honour Stockholm, one of the world ‘s most beautiful cities through this song, which is the best song made this year.

Watch the video above and check the behind-the-scene images below.

Location shooting, Götgatsbacken, Stockholm 03.35 a.m.
Location shooting, Götgatsbacken, Stockholm 03.35 a.m.Co-director Jesper Ohlsson enjoying the view. Co-director Jesper Ohlsson enjoying the view.Gladys on set. Gladys on set.

All photos courtesy of Senay Berhe

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HMSV “Vår Nivå” (ft. Julia Spada)


Produced by: Up To No Good

Produced & Edited by: Senay Berhe (Stocktown Films)

Directed by: Senay Berhe & Jesper Ohlsson

Photo: Filip Stankovic

Divider: Andreas Lindholm

Grading: Filip Stankovic

Sound design: Jakob Myrman

Graphics: Jacob Huurinainen

Ft: Paalieu & Gladys