INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Fritjof and Pikanen (Music)

Juuso Pikanen (aka Pikanen) has made electronic music as long as he can remember and back in 2006 he produced the Swedish rapper Max Peezay’s critically acclaimed album ‘Discokommitén’. Fritjof Löfgren (aka Fritjof) has been playing in a bunch of different bands – but the F&P-collaboration initially kicked off by a remix that Pikanen made for one of Fritjof’s tracks which took SoundCloud by storm.


Together, they make electronic music in Swedish – mixing dubstep with reggae and sing about everyday life, love and their hometown Stockholm, Sweden.

In this episode of Indie Cities, Frtijof & Pikanen show us their favourite spots in Stockholm and talk about why it’s important to pursue what you love doing for a living.

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INDIE CITIES – Stockholm – Fritjof and Pikanen (Music)

Hand Crafted by: STAY GOLD STUDIOS
Producer/Director: Pete Williams
Cinematographer: Charlie Jones
Sound/Photographer: Adrian Klaassen
2nd Camera: Pete Williams
Researcher: Jak Norwood
Animator: Ron Santiago
Editor: Jamie Weddell

INDIE CITIES is short film series celebrating independent stores and craftspeople around the world. Indie Cities is a new multi-platform series documenting the independence revolution sweeping Europe. The show delivers personal portraits of unconventional trendsetters from the worlds of art, music, food & fashion, living in Europe’s most progressive cities. Viewers are taken on a journey through each city’s subculture, visiting independent fashion labels, listening to independent music, making their own street food, micro-brew or street art. Indie Cities celebrates the unique cultural aspects of each city and highlights the passion, craftsmanship and an uncompromising love of life that ties people in each city together.

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