Spray-cation in China

Three Chinese street artists from the collective IDT (Industry Definition Transfer) undertake a 1,200 mile journey across China, painting on different surfaces and encountering a range of people who all have different attitudes to their work – which re-interprets a traditional visual vocabulary drawn from practices such as calligraphy. Like a traveling troupe they rely on the kindness of strangers for accommodation or they camp on the road side. In each place they connect with the mood and subtlety of the city before they paint it, and they get to know it intimately before moving on.


streetartnews_idtcrew_lijang_shangrila_china-8For more images go to >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/idtcrew

ON THE ROAD – Graffiti in Vagrancy

Supported by Converse

Ft: WHYYY, NAN & SINIC of the IDT Crew