Akiine – a Swedish artist based in London, offers us a special performance of her single “Sunglassey” in this feature of Sofar London.

Apart from her magical melodies and smooth voice, there is something extra about Akiine. I can’t tell if it’s the lyrics, the laugh, the yells, the smiles or the dancing she emits on stage that make me instantly fall in love with this video. Not to mention that she uses French Montana’s Ain’t Worried About Nothin for her intro.

Photo by: Yuri

When speaking about her performance on Sofar London, Akiine told me:

It felt very special and magical, as the whole set up of Sofar is to gather people with a genuine passion for music. Everyone was there to be part of a feeling and to enjoy the experience fully. It was such a nice evening.

According to Akiine’s Facebook page, her genre is described as – “dreams”, influenced by “otherworldly feelings, melodies and heavenly harmonies that inhabit the darkness within my spirit.”

Photo by: Anton Maddock
Photo by: Anton Maddock

Time to time she will share some words on the same page that add to her self-proclaimed genre, “Working on a new track. Sounds like James Bond meeting a glitter storm in a tropical underwater cathedral. EXCITING! Can’t wait for it to be done and for everyone to hear it!”.

In an interview with Alexandra Sewell (East End Review, 2014) she shares her insights on her artistery: ““I’m a little bouncy ball on stage, it’s a bit weird because the music is really chilled out but live it’s completely different; I get to go crazy and enjoy myself.”

Photo by: George Sydney Selwyn-Brace


So, if Akiine leaves you yearning for more; the newly-released debut music video for “Swans” directed by Grace Manning just dropped, which is yet another enchanting piece. Both “Sunglassey” and “Swans” can be found on her EP “Horses On A Beach”, available on both Itunes and Spotify.

Akiine – Sunglassey | Sofar London (#548)

Artist: Akiine

Filmed by: Ben Marshall, Alex Simpson

Edited by: Ben Marshall

Audio by: Miguel De Campos