Pan-Africanism on the Focus: Gato Preto’s Latest Video Calls for Action

Not all music nowadays needs to be a superficial pile of chords and beats and nothing else; not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, it’s insanely refreshing to enjoy music that extends beyond the ordinary threshold of relevance; music that actually conveys a meaning beyond musings on a broken heart, a hot new love interest or an existential crisis. The political charge we witness in Gato Preto and Crooked Bois’ latest video is relevant, timely and undeniable. Even the gorgeous prints the musicians wear carry a statement.

In September 2016, Gato Preto headed to Jinja in Uganda for NyegeNyege Festival and performed the song live with Iche for the first time. “Take a Stand” is a love song for Africa – its a call for staying true to your roots and origins in this modern world where media creates western stereotypes. “Take a Stand” is a hybrid of many different styles: Moombahton and electronic genres combined with Afro drums and rhythms are the basis for this heavy and driving groove and futuristic atmosphere of the song.

Photo credit: Gato Preto

As Gato Preto state: “Till this day we are still struggling with our own black identity and we felt its time to encourage people through our music to be proud of where they come from no matter where they live!” It’s no secret, we’ve been waiting for Gato Preto’s new material since their last video. And we still want more from where that came from!

Iche’s soulful lyrics can remind one of a young Sade: this song will give you goosebumps. Crooked Bois are the producers Chaikov and Lee Bass who teamed up for this track and who work together on EPs.


Camera: Jay Dee
Editing / Cut: Alexander Wurm
Music: Gato Preto, Crooked Bois, Iche


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