INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Vava Coffee (Food & Drinks)

Vava Angwenyi is the one-woman powerhouse behind VAVA Coffee. She embodies a new African Coffee Culture, fusing an exemplary hand crafted quality product with a new consciousness for ethically and environmentally sustainable commodities.

Vava Angwengi - founder of VAVA Coffee
Vava Angwenyi – founder of VAVA Coffee

She was compelled to start an independent coffee business four years ago to make positive changes for coffee farmers, firstly in Kenya and the whole of East Africa, who have been exploited by big coffee companies in the past. VAVA Coffee also provide employment and sustainable revenues to various self-help groups that make the packaging for the brand, including a group of rehabilitated street children in Kajiado district and women with HIV-AIDS in the local slums, who skillfully make the hand-made colorful bags the coffee is sold in.



In this episode of INDIE CITIES, we visit the organic farmers market of Nairobi, travel to the rich Mount Kenya region with Vava on the lookout for new suppliers and get a brief glimpse at the process coffee goes through from the farm to the cup.


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INDIE CITIES – Nairobi – Vava Coffee (Food & Drinks)



Producer/Director: Pete Williams

Cinematographer: Charlie Jones

Sound/Photographer: Adrian Klaassen

2nd Camera: Pete Williams

Researcher: Jak Norwood

Animator: Ron Santiago

Editor: Jamie Weddell 

INDIE CITIES is short film series celebrating independent stores and craftspeople around the world. Indie Cities is a new multi-platform series documenting the independence revolution sweeping Europe. The show delivers personal portraits of unconventional trendsetters from the worlds of art, music, food & fashion, living in Europe’s most progressive cities. Viewers are taken on a journey through each city’s subculture, visiting independent fashion labels, listening to independent music, making their own street food, micro-brew or street art. Indie Cities celebrates the unique cultural aspects of each city and highlights the passion, craftsmanship and an uncompromising love of life that ties people in each city together.


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