Jellyfish by Maia von Lekow

The spice islands of Zanzibar were hundreds of years ago a hub for traders, travellers and locals. Arabic, Swahili and infusions of cultures all mixing and matching to turn it into a gateway for the Middle East, India and Africa. Recording artist Maia von Lekow brings that same sensibility as she weaves a medley of jazz, funk, folk & blues all sweetened with what she describes as “swahili spice”. The songbird’s latest work as part of her debut album DRIFT.

In this montage for the lead single, ‘Jellyfish’, directed by Chris King (for Circle and Square) we see her bring this to life, and Chris bring it to light, with a mix of slow and steady close ups within Nairobi’s cityscape contrasting the ocean spray and sun-kissed scenes. A good watch and an ode to her musical journey and travels between Nairobi and the world.

Maia von Lekow – Jellyfish

Music: Maia von Lekow

Video: Chris King for Circle and Square