Balkan Grandma Brankica A Daredevil On Wheels

The force of nature upon us is overwhelming. And little gives mankind more joy than taming nature’s ways and showcasing some common know-how against it. This explains the thrill of the daredevil act in a nutshell. Though daredevils are remnants of the past, and a rare gimmick today, the exotic lives on right around the corner, just outside the EU border, in Serbia.

We’re wondering:

What does the life of a daredevil professional look like, on a daily basis? How easily do these things go wrong, and how lucky does one have to be, to become a veteran daredevil? Imagine yourself as a 42 year-old grandmother of a six, whose job is, and always has been to ride a motorcycle in the well of death for show in circuses? What do you think would go through your head on a daily basis?

Motorcycle acrobat Branka Nadj (Brankica)
Motorcycle acrobat Branka Nadj (Brankica)

This is exactly what ‘Zid Smrti i Tako To’ (‘Wall of Death, and All That’) is all about, featuring Brankica (the protagonist), who leaves us wondering whether she is content that way- can and would she consider changing occupation at the age of 42? With her family being involved in the circus? These are just some of the questions that pop up in our heads, as we await the world premiere of this charming documentary.

Wall of Death, and All That’ is an upcoming documentary project by Mladen Kovacevic and Tibor Keser, and with such a unique perspective on an occupation that’s so rare these days, this documentary is easily the most anticipated documentary coming our way and is planned to drop in November 2015.

Mladen Kovacevic is a director who is no stranger to discovering rare and old occupations that are specific to the Balkans, Serbia namely. His previous documentary, titled ‘Unplugged’ is a story about an almost forgotten nature play with nature, about ways of the folk, of playing the leaves in a Serbian rural area. It’s another must-see, full of scenic depictions of nature in Serbia and an exploration of a long forgotten, often deemed-irrelevant knowledge.


Wall of Death, and All That (Zid Smrti i Tako To)  OFFICIAL WORK-IN-PROGRESS TRAILER)

Directed by: Mladen Kovacevic

Produced by: Tibor Keser

Production Company: Restart, Horopter

Director of photography: Pablo Ferro

Editor: Jelena Maksić