The Fest Gurus – A guide to Africa’s festival scene

Interested in the African festival scene, music, fashion, and art? How bout some unseen festival coverage from the motherland? Never mind the Glastonbury festival, put that aside. Ever heard of the HIFA festival in Zimbabwe? Or the Festival In the Desert in Mali? The Fest Gurus are the advocators of African Festivals and serve as an avenue for these interests.

We’d like to introduce you to The Fest Gurus – a unique travel/reality/docu show that follows four young Africans made up of the hosts and gurus Lorraine (Zimbabwean Radio DJ) & Mazuba (Zambian social media guru) accompanied by the directors-duo Zash and Gwi (of Crafted Media Productions) in their quest to discover and attend Africa’s best festivals. The series introduces us to what the continent has to offer in terms of the arts and the main goal is to encourage people to attend the continent’s domestic festivals and to increase the visibility of talented African musicians.


The Fest Gurus provide exclusive interviews, footage of festival performances, behind-the-scenes pictures and more. So far, they’ve created a pilot episode shot at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Zimbabwe), Shoko Hip HopFestival, Barefeet festival (Zambia) and City of Stars in Lilongwe, Malawi. And interviewed artists such as; Khuli Chana, Hope Masike, Pompi, Sauti Sol, The Very Best and more. And they won’t, and shouldn’t stop at that.

Their plan for 2014 is to continue to shot their unique documentary series across the continent, covering Sauti Za Basara in Zanzibar, The Capetown Jazz Festival in South Africa, and more. And we’re rooting for them full-heartedly, so dig in to it, check it out and enjoy it!

The Fest Gurus X HIFA2013

Also check out The Fest Guru’s 1st pilot episode above as they showcase the Harare International Festival of the Arts (shot in Harare, Zimbabwe, HIFA 2013). Ft. Djembe drumming lessons, interview hip hop artist Tehn Diamond and Take Fizzo and much more.


Fest Gurus Trailer (2013)

Presented by: Ngonidzashe Chinhara & Gwinyai Mabikaof (of Crafted Media)

Hosted by: Lorraine-Charlotte Bgoya & Mazuba Kapambwe.