A North Welsh Waltz

This short is a portrait of the North Welsh town of Towyn, painting all the subtleties that lie beneath the surface of this seaside community. Occupying the hazy ground between documentary and poetry, the film sits long in your thoughts after watching. Mixing tightly filmed slow-motion sequences with stark black and white imagery, directors Sam Blair and Edward Edwards have nailed the execution of the cinematography.

Still, Waltz
Still, Waltz

It’s hard to grasp the feeling that pervades in holiday communities like this in the UK, looking straight into the eyes of a boy rooted in the area you begin to understand the atmosphere of Towyn.¬†From the metaphor of the fairground Waltzer you delve into a world of isolation, emotion and unexpected depth.

Blair and Edwards have hinted at a future for this project, looking further into the lives of people from this North Welsh area. Here’s hoping.

Still, Waltz
Still, Waltz



Directors: Sam Blair & Edward Edwards

Produced by: Rankin Film Productions & Dazed & Confused

(for Channel 4’s Random Acts)

Executive Producers: David Allain & Jess Gormley

Key Cast: Adrian Groves