The Busy Twist bring the UK-Ghana formula

If any musical act was to be crowned ‘champion of music collabs’ or better yet ‘the sound of 2014’ the title would hands down go to London-duo Gabriel Benn and Ollie Williams of The Busy Twist. Selected as one of the ‘9 Artists to Watch in 2014’ in Enchufada magazine –  this duo has no doubt earned their spot in the list by crafting a sound you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Bridging that heavy, grimey UK-bass music with Ghanian influences, these emerging Ghana-aficionados have since 2010 weaved the invisible dots between England and Ghana creating that alluring UK-Ghana formula. Over the past few years, The Busy Twist have occupied their time travelling worldwide to gain musical influences, collaborating with foreign talents and capturing slices from each genre, just recently the duo spent 3 years in and out of Ghana working with local musicians, and ‘Labadi Warrior’ is the latest slamming venture and offers a smashing mashed up splendor.


Here’s a jam for those of you who are constantly longing for the weekend, what ever worries you’ve got, shake em’ off. Recorded in Ghana and produced in London, this wicked track features the vocals by local Accra group the Labadi Warriors and the video was shot & organised by the duo themselves with the help of their good friend in Ghana, Malaika (who features on previous & forthcoming material). Shot in a local park, by hiring a large sound system and putting posters up in the area to notify that there was going to be a shoot & performance from the Labadi Warriors, this video urges you to jump at your feet and will have you hooked in no time ‘move like this, clap like this‘ will keep ringing in your ears.

So, drop whatever it is you’re doing, and get your swag on to this explosive video covering a feverish tribal-esque dance frenzy (heads up on 2:15-2:36…!). This will have you dancing at your desk, in your kitchen, at the metro station, yeah just about anywhere. 2014 promises a beautiful year for Gabriel and Ollie and we salute you!


The Busy Twist releases The Labadi Warrior EP on Feb 24th via The People’s Ear.

The Busy Twist – Labadi Warrior (Official Video)


Filmed & Directed By: The Busy Twist

Featuring: The Labadi Warriors

Edited By: Mickey Voak (Messrs) and The Busy Twist

Additional Edit By: The OMC