Suiting up: Sunday In Brazzaville

Winner of the ‘Audience Award’ at the International DocsBarcelona in Spain (2012), Fasten Seat Belt presents – the multi-awarded documentary – ‘Dimanche à Brazzaville’ (Sunday In Brazzaville) directed by Enrich Bach and Adria Mones. In the heart of the Republic of Congo, the capital Brazzaville is inhabited by a society of sapeur devotees – an infamous subculture consisting of Congolese fashion dandies passionate about a particular kind of pimp-esque fashion, if you will. Rooted in the 1920s salons of Paris, the le sape fashion statement (french for =‘to dress with elegance and style’) is all about suiting up, almost as if making a grand red carpet entrance.

In Sunday In Brazzaville the directors introduce us to monsieur Ngatsongo Yves François, or Yves Saint Laurent, founder of the Sapeur Association in Brazzaville, as he drops some basics on the meaning of colors, providing an insight to the fashionista’s exquisite style.

The meaning of colors by Yves Saint Laurent -Clip from the documentary film “Dimanche à Brazzaville” (Sunday in Brazzaville) by Enric Bach & Adrià Monés

Besides unveiling the sapeur movement, the doc also features several additional characters living in Brazzaville (teaser above) for instance; Bakala Martin Net (aka Cheriff Bakala) a pop-folk influenced rapper, wrestling champion Malanda Jean Brice (aka Palmas Yaya) and many more. All narrated by Carlos La Menace, (aka Carlos La Menace) a young and talented Congolese rapper and popular radio host in Brazzaville.

Sunday in Brazzaville (2011) 

Director: Enrich Bach & Adria Mones

Producer: Fasten Seat Belt in association with Tele Congo & Televisio de Catalunya

Editor: Nuria Campabadal

Distributor: Java Films

Official site: Sunday in Brazzaville’s Official Website // Facebook


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