Streets Are Watching


Get In. Go Out. Get involved –  and show what you’re all about!
The Streets are our playground. Turfs represent who we are, and where we come from. They express individuality and a platform for anyone to perform and express themselves.

Converse Pro Street has launched a platform across Europe to celebrate your local turf, and your very own street culture heritage. From expressing yourself through Dance, MC Battles, Skate, BMX, whatever it may be that makes your street and you unique.

All antics will be captured by situated cameras and uploaded online as a video part in the Pro Street campaign. You and your friends can vote and show love online.
At the end of the Games, Converse will give the street with the most incredible talent the Street Cred it deserves.

Get In. Get Out. Get Busy!

Pro Streets//#PROSTREETS

Visit for other city videos.

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