Straight from the heart

The video is filmed and directed by Duncan Mukada and Oliver Martin Henriquez,with  film assistance provided by Maceo Frost. This became my very own “eye of the tiger”,during some really critic months. For those not familiar with the swedish language, the english translation of the title is “From the heart”; a title that refers to being true to your hoods, yourself and the people you love.

It’s a really inspiring song with great lyrics and a beat that really gets to you. It pulsates under your skin like blood. I especially like the decision the directors made, to make most parts of the video black and white. Black and white makes the details speak for themselves, it makes them pop. And boy, they are popping! It’s like a torrent of aesthetics, the only thing you actually can do, is to let the Highwon street crew (it’s massive)- the dogs, the light altars, the dual sequences, the graffiti and street art, the barbed wire and the fences, the subway stations and the cross bikers- sweep you away. “Learn to live it, love it”, as I always say.

Duncan Mukada and Oliver Martin Henriquez represent true urban beauty in its prime; and it’s bigger than hip hop.

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