Stocktown x smarteez

– We do whatever we want , whenever we want and this is translated into the  fashion we design Says fashion designer Kepi Mngomezulu .Member of Smarteez Kepi was approached by the 100 Year Wear competion  and asked to “gather the Troops” and enter as a group.We named ourselfs The Smarteez and won the prize as Joburg´s most stylish subculture.

” There are many of us in the Smarteez collective, but the thread that runs through is that our designs are playful and fun!

The Smarteez are a collective of young creatives that share an ethos of free thought and free will in their work. A tribe of  young ghetto fresh fashionistas often compared to Tokyo´s underground style phenomenon. The Smarteez specialise in streetwear, but also make suits, evening wear and cocktail dresses, uniforms and occasionally create experimantal fashion. During Stocktown´s research in South Africa, one of the first documeted photos of  Smarteez was found on Johannesburg based  photographer Chris Saunders blogsite. . Chris has for a long time documented the rave fashion scene on the streets of Soweto and became our link to the world of Smarteez.

In this video interview we meet up with Kepi Mngomezulu, Floyd Avenue and Lethabo Tsatsinyane

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