Meet the political hip hop activist Upski as he explains his book ‘No More Prisons’ and discusses America’s growing prison industry. Get a close look at the multi creative artist Futura 2000’s work, and dig into his new upcoming projects. Also appearing in this episode is the experimental DJ Spooky, leading us through the stress of New York City, followed by an interview with the young rap star Kashi Da Handsome from Tokyo.

Episode 8 – Global Music Tv series – Stocktown (2003)

Produced and Directed by: Teddy Goitom, Kalle Axelman and Andreas Johnsen

Ft.  UpskiFutura 2000DJ SpookyKashi Da Handsome


Stocktown Global Music Tv Series 2003 / GLOBAL MUSIC TV SERIES

This cutting edge music documentary explores the most interesting lifestyles and independent music scenes from around the world. An entertaining 9 episode series bringing you the urban culture movement from Los Angeles, Sydney, New York, Hawaii, Tokyo and more. With a personal, straightforward touch, you will be guided to a world you didn’t know existed experimental, global, young,independent. A mixshow with a wide range of music, animations, art and interviews from over 40 artists featured. Meet among others legendary Kool Keith, rapstar Princess Superstar,reetphotographer B+, multidesigner Futura 2000, House Queen Diva KP, Waikikii B-boys, Immortal Technique and many many more.

Produced and Directed by: Teddy Goitom, Kalle Axelman and Andreas Johnsen

Original Title Stocktown // Genre Music documentary // Duration 28 min // Episodes 9×28 min // Year of production 2002/2003 // Broadcasted: Sweden, Sveriges Television SVT2 October 2002. // Denmark DR2 January 2004. // Japan, SpaceShower TV July 2004

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Masahi Yamamoto

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