Sticky Rebels

The Austrian-Croatian designer collective Numen/For Use work in the erratic field between art, industrial design and scenography. Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic are industrial designers who create objects with no predefined function, which in a sense is the antidote of what ‘industrial design’ essentially is – the creation of functional objects. In 1998 they worked under the name For Use, and a year later they established Numen as an identity. Since 2008 the collective has focused on designing outside the traditional realm of industrial design, resulting in incredible sculptures and hybrid-art installations such as the Numen-Light and Tape-series.

Numen/For Use will start working with ”Tape: Stockholm” in January 2012. Tobias Rydin, a film director from Stockholm, invited them to collaborate on his next feature film with their Tape-installation which they will construct on the premises of  the Färgfabriken Gallery. During the construction and shooting, the developing set will be occasionally open for public. After the completion of the filming, the installation will remain open as an exhibition for another three weeks (starting February 4th).

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