Spike’s New Game

Limited opportunities function as the battle cry leaking out from all corners of the world. Despite the limitation, there are some glimpses of hope brought forth through exercises of woolgathering. Sports carry and provide those who are physically involved and onlookers alike an atmosphere of escapism fueled by passion for the game regardless of what it is.

In this video, writer/director/producer/actor and notorious sports fan – Spike Lee, allows viewers to take an intimate glance into his recent ventures into soccer, thanks to his son Jackson Lee’s interest and participation in a youth soccer league. Lee grew up on baseball, football and basketball but he came to the realization through his son’s eyes that Brazilians have the same passion for soccer that he carries for his beloved sports. In the words of Mr. Lee himself, “-The way brothers play basketball. It’s just a thing that brothers got. And it’s the same thing with Brazilians and soccer -.”

Through this beautifully shot black and white film, feelings of nostalgia resinate off the screen as the viewer is transported to the inner city landscape where these sports are taking place. Lee has been the Assistant Coach of his son’s team for six years. His natural charisma shines brilliantly as it always does, but the overall themes of this film are “just because you have the greatest players – doesn’t mean you have the greatest team” and “it takes a very specific mindset to coach kids.” With budget cuts across the board for extracurricular activities and an alarming number of school closings in urban communities, it is the responsibility of anyone who has that specific mindset to lend a hand or knowledge to the children and programs who need it.


Nike: Everything Is Practice

For: AllDayEveryday Films + Nike

Directed by: Jake Sumner

Produced by: Lucy Cooper

Director of Photographer: Kira Kelly

Editor: Adam Robinson

Interview: Knox Robinson

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