The website has its own cloistered video room worth checking out. The Stockholm art gallery owned by Niklas (former world renowned skater) sure does have a spot for urban creation and that’s something we commend him for.

Case in point, the video entitled Soundbombing (filmed by Andreas Gavell-Molin, edited by Felix Rehnberg) doesn’t

come with fast signature music like other graffiti art films, instead, the audio’s from wild and booming sounds discharged by the tagger’s amped up can. Good-natured friction’s at the core of this video piece, the chafing of walls by the devise, as well as a humorous rubbing against real paint graffiti by the art of soundbombing. Reminiscent of the work by Cleaning Unit wiping subway cars instead of spraying them, taking a break from paint, featured and compiled in Metagraffiti some years back.

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