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The Show & Tell  exhibition sets out to depict different people’s own interpretations of personally selected video clips. We get an insight to their reflections and reactions to the most inspiring stuff out there. Be it an inspiring person, action, movement or expression – The word is yours!

Until the end of August 2011 – We’re taking over Kulturhuset
t, Stockholm city. Screenings as well as workshops and seminars will be held at Foajé 3, in collaboration with Lava Kulturhuset . The gallery will be transformed into a digitalised centre focusing on urban culture, alternative expressions and also present new aspiring talents as well as creators of rad videos to the public. The exhibition will also include material taken from selected by the editorial staff and video curators worldwide.

Produced and Directed by > Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe
Director of photography> Senay Berhe
2nd:camera assistant > Anibal Jimenez
Edited by >Senay Berhe & Dimman Vulalas
Graphic Titles > Joel Brosjö
Production assistant: > Martin Sjölander
Producer assistant > Amanda Estay
Translation > Heather Ferrigan, Nathan Hamelberg
STOCKTV Exhibition Projectmanager >Pedro Fuentes
Soundmix>Jacob Myrman
Music track and credit > sEXY dANIel Baba Stiltz ( and

High 5 > Kulturhuset Lava, Arvsfonden, Stockholms stad

Many hugs and thanks to all the people who participated in the film:
In filmtrailer order: Saga Berlin, Simon Gärdenfors, Niki Tsappos, Claudio Britos, Marguerite Seger,  Leiyah Rose, Sebastian Matz/Anna Lindström, Belinda,  Allan Persson,  Binyam Berhane Ben Berhane, Frida Vega Salomonsson, Decida, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad and Meron Mangasha

Watch all our trailers below

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