Shake it Like You Care


People like me – who live in Europe and who are forced to go through inhumane treatment of winter often (longingly) – view house music as the ultimate summer genre. If genres ever were to be categorised according to season, I’d say that house music is summer, spring is pop, winter is trip-hop and electronica, and autumn is indie, as far as I’m concerned. Hence, why the subtropical climate of South Africa seems to be the ideal environment for real proper house music to emerge. Add to that the rich heritage of all sorts of drum sounds one can imagine, and really complex refined rhythms that are native to the area, and all the ingredients are present.

Just as imagined, the tracks mixed in studio by Afrikan Roots are killer tracks. This one is tune, as they say call it in the house scene. Cheer for Afrikan Roots, their sound is solid, bouncy, thrilling and new, and all they need now is a bigger buzz. Surely the world is tired of David Guetta and the likes of easy-listening house producers and needs someone to show them all how to make house music properly. Ideals are ideals, dance is the essence of house, not clubs and money laundering.


Afrikan Roots – Shikisha

Mastering: Master T

Company: TwoTone Entertainment

Published by: TwoTone Publishing

Distributed by: Universal Music




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