Senegal Got Fashion: Cheering for an Alien Cartoon Fashion Show

Senegalese fashion scene is in full bloom the moment when designer Selly Raby Kane (Seraka) swings by and exhales a breath of fresh creative air on the surrounding area. Seraka synthesizes the style of her surroundings, the colourful and elegant dressing style that Senegalese women like to wear and adds an extra element to it. Bald colours and brave designs are Seraka’s fashion signature, and these attention-stealing peaces haven’t gone unnoticed. Having been featured in various fashion publications from African Print in Fashion to Vogue, her mix of Urban, Afro and Pop is instantly likeable and easily wearable for anyone who embraces the playful diva within. This video from 2013, Inner Cruise, features Seraka’s contemporary styles that are out-of-this-world elegant and futuristic, as if she’s re-imagining the 1970’s idea of what now would look like, except that that future never happened yet.


Vibing off that futuristic vision, she is now working on an interactive fashion show and art performance concept that will turn Dakar’s station’s main building into an alien village, offering a sensory, visual and auditive experience to the public. Artists from the Les Petites Pierres collective will take part in this project, as well as international artists on creative residencies.
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Inner Cruise / Stylism by Selly Raby Kane
Directed by Tom Escarmelle / White Owl Prod.
Music: Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Shot in Dakar Sénégal 2013

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