Whichever way you look at it, China is big news right now. Whether its manufacturing, economic dominance or questionable political policies, there’s no shortage of stories about the rising superpower in the far east. What is less documented however, is China’s wealth of emerging creative talents.

London-based Design Studio decided to delve a little deeper with a documentary showcasing and interviewing some of the creative people working in Shanghai right now. Although Beijing is often considered China’s creative hub, the film shows how financial capital Shanghai is burgeoning creatively, with a dedicated collective of both local and international musicians, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers making the city a more vibrant place.Clocking in at just under three-and-a-half minutes, this short feature manages to pack in a lot of talented folks, giving the wider world a glimpse of the young talent working just below Shanghai’s surface.


Just Below the Surface — Shanghai

Directed by: Nokia Brand Studio

Filmed by: Rex McWhirter Jamie Thompson

Design Studio // Facebook // @_DesignStudio_

Executive Producer: Darryl Pieber, Nokia Brand Studio
Research and Interviews: Paula Zuccotti, Sonia Wang, Seymourpowell



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