Say It Loud

The Black Power Mixtape is an award winning compilation feature documentary, displaying facets of the African-American community during those critical years 1967-1975. One of the main goals of the Civil Rights Movement was to end disfranchisement of African-Americans. TBPM manifests the people, the society and the style that fueled that change. A motion picture told with rare footage, which has been lost in Swedish archives for over thirty years.

Screenings in NYC have been very appreciated and well received. Debates concerning the “race” issue in America are still vital, always heated, and very necessary. “Black power’ is a matter of history as much as a political reality of today. Whatever direction the discussions lead… knowledge is power!

Written and Directed by: Göran Hugo Olsson
Produced by: Annika Rogell, Story AB
Co-Produced by: Joslyn Barnes & Danny Glover, Louverture Films
Art Director: Stefania Malmsten
Edited by: Göran Hugo Olsson & Hanna Lejonqvist
Including appearances by:
Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichae, Dr. Martin Luther King

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