Robotic: art on the streets

These nine and some minutes are not about the production, that is the way this short film was shot or which tunes were laid over it – no, it’s about the ten Zimbabwean protagonists Prince Mutsiwa, the brothers Lawson and Lennon Matthew, Yamikami Chiodzera, Denford Kondiwani, David Banda, Twanda Lungu, Farai Kanyemba, Peter Mutsiwa and Lloyd W Gona – young guys trying to make it in Cape Town by literally vending street art, own-made paintings at the traffic lights and urban intersections.

Meshed with heart wrenchingly real Reuters footage, African Cartel, who’re all about discovering, showcasing and storytelling, sure give compelling fates to follow in this short documentary.

Who’s to blame: well, Zimbabwean domestic plights would be the short answer. Hope they catch all the breaks in the world.

Who’s to credit: Directed and produced by Xenia Forrester; Production and post-production by New Creation Collective; Music by Andrew Schär; Creative design and production by Mark Forrester

You can always learn more by clicking: visit, follow them on twitter @africancartel or facebook,

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