Rio’s street orchestra

Urban streets beat to their own sound, there’s – the humming and the beeping, all sound tracked with traffic signals. Just to state the obvious- it’s a loud place, a place you preferably choose to ignore, but brazilian artist Narcelio Grud, makes you change your mind. Public Sculpture Sound is an interactive art experiment, placing musical instruments in random spots all over the streets of Fortaleza. Providing tools for the public to entertain themselves with, bringing out the musical side of people.

The previous noise is transformed into music, all created by random pedestrians and strollers of Fortaleza. Traffic noise has never sounded this good. So, I’m applauding this initiative and sending a pat on the shoulder to the artist. Come to Stockholm sometime soon, and decorate our streets, please.

Public sculpture sound- Narcelio Grud
Director- Saulo de Castro
Video makers- Eduardo Coelho / romulo ramos / saulo de castro

Animation- Eduardo coelho / saulo de castro

Production- Yeah filmes

For more experimental art by Narcelio Grud, also check out his previous project For a Better Hammock, shown below.

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