Riding brakeless in Eritrea


At the nightclub Bonsoir in Berne Switzerland 3 years ago, I was introduced to Arci Friede. And a after a couple of drinks and small talk, Arci got to know my east African origins and excitingly mentioned a film he wanted to do about biking brakeless down the mountains of Eritrea.

I thought that this guy was nuts and maybe had taken something else than drinks that night, but little did I know about the rich bike tradition in Eritrea. The film ASMAWA is not just a film about “Euro-boy” riding brakeless down a mountain road in Eritrea. It is more the story of a pure-hearted athlete who discovers a new world – not least within himself.. Not only am I glad to see that the film is finally finished, but I’m also proud to see something else about a country, that few can point out on a map, other than the political portrayal. Looking forward to see this screening here in Sweden, so call me up Arci and let’s follow up that small talk we once had in the club.





Arci Friede

Renaud Skyronka


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