Rappers Brew

“New York Minute” is a six-part series of short films, documenting an eclectic selection of hip hop artists – past and present. The films are created by Gasface, an “ideas and solutions boutique” based in France. Nicolas Venancio and Mathieu Rochet initiated their way into web-documentaries with radio, websites, producing events and publishing their own magazine. Their cross-media approach is perhaps the main reason why this documentary project is one of the most progressive media projects within the genre.

This particular episode – “Night Nurse” with G-Dep, is the first episode Nicolas and Mathieu edited after getting back from New York. It was the episode which they spent most time cutting to find a format, a time of experimentation to find and operate a personal expression with the imagery, sound and story telling.

“… It was even finished, green-lighted by the network with a totally different music, when Nico came back with the idea of using Bitches Brew by Miles Davis. We went back to the cutting room and took some speaking parts out -to get more air – started playing with echoes and stuff, went really crazy with the editing, to be in tune with Miles’ track, like we were part of his band, so at the end of the day you could feel Dep more than just hear his story…” – Mathieu Rochet

Last December, Dep walked into a police station and confessed to a shooting he did some 17 years ago in Spanish Harlem. The cops checked the facts, and that’s when Dep learned the guy he shot didn’t survive. Right now he’s locked up, awaiting a trial for murder.

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