Raised by Wolves


A generation can vary from 15 to a 30 year gap. In the evolution of culture and perspective, that is a major difference in time. Each generation struggles for their part in society.

Jim Goldberg sees this split and desire by the younger generation to become their own people in his book Raised By Wolves. The graphic novel offers numerous stories of young adults and children fleeing their homes from cases of physical or mental abuse forcing them to live on the streets and find a path to their place in society, alone.

‘Raised by Wolves-  Dave & Echo at Carl’s Jr.’ (subtitled)

Though a little haunting and intimidating, the video gives a chance for readers to feel the experiences of the runaways and help older generations understand they were once seeking salvation and freedom. We all deserve the opportunity to understand our own destiny and when some are robbed of this they will take the high roads and fight for their chance.

Raised by Wolves
By: Jim Goldberg//jimgoldberg.com//vimeo.com/jimgoldberg//@Jim_Goldberg
Edited & animated by Brandon Tauszik//brandontauszik.com///vimeo.com/tauszik //@BE_DIZZLE

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