Danza Voluminosa (Voluminous Dance) is a Cuban dance academy, founded in 1996 by Havana-based dancer and choreographer Juan Miguel Mas. It’s troupe mainly consists of voluptuous and enchanting women, who share a passion, and a figure shape: voluminosa. Their philosophy advocates: ‘achieving self-esteem for the obese, valuing these people, and helping them demonstrate that they also can achieve beautiful, interesting things’ .

We applaud this aced initiative that welcomes and celebrates big women, proving that being big is no reason not to dance.


Colors #78 – dance to VOLUMINOSA

For COLORS #78 ‘Dance’ (2011)

A film by: Colors Magazine // Facebook

Filmmaker Laia Abril

Editor Pablo Pastor

Music John Castaño

Soundmix Adam Lieber


@laiaabril @colorsmagazine

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