Presenting: Nerven & Zellen the Visual Lyricists


Meet Nerven & Zellen – an all-female group of actresses and dancers from Santiago, Chile, who perform and host various interventions in different public and private spaces across the capital city. The group started off a few years ago by translating national and international songs into Chilean Sign Language (LSCh) and have since then created a slew of signature videos primarily aimed for the deaf community in Chile, but surprisingly, also to the hearing community. As they so tenderly express their cause:

“- Every listener keeps a soundtrack in their memory. We want to facilitate deaf people with just that and build a visual memory for them by identifying the messages of the authors and to access a creative piece specially designed for them -.”

The goal of the project is to connect deaf people to the world of music and to enable a sense of directness with the authors’ messages expressed through the lyrics written by the artists’, whilst simultaneously introducing the actual listeners to the world of signs and to incorporate these signs into their vocabulary. Here’s their video for “Rock with you” by Michael Jackson, part of the NZcanal project facilitating music videos for non-listeners.

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Rock With You, Lengua de Señas Chilena

By: Nerven Zellen

Shot by: Michel Zalaquet

Directed/Edited & Montage: María Siebald

Ft. María Siebald, Alexandra Mabes, Bernardita Montero, Betania González, Michel Zalaquett


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