Posters aren’t built in a day

DKNG Studios make a lot of really neat gigposters, and they have recently started posting what they call Poster Process videos on vimeo. These videos cover their whole design process of their posters.

Why should you care?

The videos are really freaking neat, that’s why! These aren’t the type of videos that shows up on youtube where someone draws some type of car in MSpaint using only a mouse, nor are they yet another boring clone brush tutorial. No, these show a professional doing something that looks easy but in reality is pretty hard to pull off. The best way I can describe the feeling you get when you watch these are pretty similar to the feeling you get when you’ve been at home sick and forced to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Regardless of what happens in the episode, once it’s all over you kind of share the feeling of a job well done for building a house in seven days. This is the same thing in poster form, but without all the choreographed drama and pretend do-gooders you get in earlier mentioned TV show.

I might have gone off on a tangent, but I really like the fact that they show the whole process. That DKNG get their reference images from google Image Search makes it even more charming. (I mean that’s totally where I get my stuff too! )

The newest and best video is at the top, but for all the lazies out there I’ve also added two more below.

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