Pixadores: Keep reaching towards the sky

”-The higher spots are more important than the lower spots-”.

/ Joao Wainer

Brazil’s renowned underground artists’ a.k.a Pixadores- fear nada. Pixação is a form of graffiti originally developed during the early 80’s in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. There’s sort of a Spiderman-appeal to their methods with an acrobatic twist to it. The Pixadores goal is to claim the streets and the taggings are usually made on the most unreachable locations- mainly on walls and vacant buildings. The style has a distinctive aesthetic, reminiscent of heavy metal typography, which in turn was inspired by an ancient alphabet from the Vikings. However, the art form is also considered a political act a form of rebellion by the poor people of Brazil, as well as an expression, a revolt and defiance in the face of authority. Stating -”I prefer you hate me than ignore me”- emphasising that the artists of the favelas do exist and won’t disappear from the streets.

Accordingly, many risk their lives to create this kind of art, shit, don’t ever fall and keep on reaching towards the skies.

In this episode of Cool Hunting Video we get a tour of Rio’s city streets, filling us in on the culture and history. Created and narrated by Joao Wainer, photographer and co-director of the documentary, and Roberto T. Oliveira.

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