pff… You call that a shoe collection

I reckon that after reading Emeli’s post just a while back- everyone should be familiar with the Nike Air Force 1:s. Well, turns out that some sneakerheads can’t stick to just having one model shoe, they simply crave for more – a lot more. Meet Jordy Geller and his ShoeZeum

it’s part amazing, part egotistic and partially a bit odd. Geller has collected a lot, and I mean a lot of Nike shoes and put them on display in his ShoeZeum. Some are nicely displayed, while others might have more of an eccentric touch to them, all I know is that I really want to go see it all for myself and I don’t even wear Nike shoes.

There’s a whole bunch more videos of Geller talking about his shoes on the ShoeZeum website, which I guess is awesome for all those that didn’t get enough of the first 2000 pairs.

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