Parrot Island


Here’s a story for all parrot-lovers out there, after watching this short doc the life of an encaged parrot doesn’t appear that bad, especially when granted custody of Ray Parkes. Ray Parkes is a humble hero who runs a sanctuary together with his wife Valerie, it’s a special ‘resort for abandoned parrots’ called Parrot Island Sanctuary, situated in Peachland, BC. We’re keeping our fingers-crossed hoping Parrot Island will stay in business for all time.

Here’s yet another heartfelt production from the monthly BC stories, by filmmaker Lewis Bennett covering ‘something going on in British Columbia‘. So, for this week – check out ‘Parrot Island’ made in collab with Calum MacLeod and Stocktown’s own Benjamin Taft.

They’ve done it agan! This collab truely knows how to portray captivating characters. Well done! We are convinced that Ray Parkes has already managed to create  ‘a captive audience‘ worldwide.


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Parrot Island (2012)

Director: Lewis Bennett & Calum MacLeod

Cinematographer: Benjamin Taft

Additional footage: Sarah Parsons // Story Editor: Calum Macleod


To make a donation to Parror Island contact Ray Parkes at (250) 767-9030.

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