Os Kuduristas


Kuduro (‘Hard Ass’) Angola’s pride and very own national trademark- is the contemporary and evolutionary culture blossoming from dance floors of Angola, taking shape as an all-round carnival gradually breaking grounds worldwide. Over the years Kuduro, has evolved into a versatile movement acknowledged as a lifestyle, or attitude, incorporating aspects of dance, music, fashion and form of self-expression. Still, there’s a lot to discover- ‘Os Kuduristas ~ Introducing Kuduro to NL’ explores what ‘kuduro‘ is all about and raises awareness about the soul behind hard ass dancing.

Os Kuduristas is the initiative behind the project, dedicated to share the word on Kuduro with the west by hosting an international road show showcasing a series of live events happening this autumn in several European cities including- Stockholm (Sep 13-16) Amsterdam (Oct 3-7) and Paris (Oct 10-14), featuring prominent emerging Angolan Kuduro dancers/artists as they take part in a series of dance street battles.


“Os Kuduristas” ~ Introducing Kuduro to NL

Executive Producer: DA BANDA//@Da_Banda

Press & Marketing Company:


For more on the project go to: https://oskuduristas.com // Facebook // Soundcloud //@OsKuduristas

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