One Shadow, Many Colours

Video above: HK119 – Snowblind (official video)

HK 119 is not your ordinary pop star, yet her songs are about ordinary things, such as, consumerism, love, humanity and just about anything you can think of. She started out as one of many YouTube’s changeling’s, uploading DIY videos with a strange content and slightly strange music to it. Back then; these videos with accompanying music, have been a part of her diploma work, as she studied art at Central St. Martins, College of Arts and Design in London. When ‘C’est La Vie’, was released in 2008, the small, yet valuable tribe of art deviant buffs were smitten. Questions popped up, who is that lady?

‘C’est La Vie’ taken from the album ‘Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control’

HK 119, (aka Heidi Kilpelainen) is signed by One Little Indian Records, a label that hosts prominent artists such as Black Box Recorder, Sigur Ros and Sneaker Pimps. In 2005, Bjork listed HK 119 as her favorite artist in Q Magazine, so unless one questions Bjork’s taste, one can imagine that this artist is remarkable. And she is. The musicality of her audio expression is somewhat removed. One can expect the unexpected: sudden switches from one rhythmic structure to the next and a vocal that doesn’t always massage one’s eardrums. Still, I am in awe. HK 119 is that super heroine I’d call for help when I’d have one enemy too many. She is your dream perfect science fiction character, mysteriously ambiguous, carrying in herself genetic material of both Seven of Nine and Klaus Nomi.  Her performances are a vicious mixture of musical treats, social commentary, art statements and brave fashion choices. HK 119 is a walking manifesto of conceptual DIY production and art as a personal political tool. ‘Snowblind’ is the first single from her forthcoming album Imaginature.

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