We heart Martha & Niki

In Paris 2010 the Swedish street-dancers Martha & Niki a.k.a Martha Nabwire and Niki Tsappos- were awarded Champions of Hip Hop for their kick-ass performance held at the annual Juste Debout dance-competion. Which made them the first females in history to win the prestigious and acclaimed award. Just to illustrate my admiration: the’re the sugar in my tea, owning it like it’s always been theirs.

Today their resumé looks pretty sharp, travelling- or rather dancing, all over the world spreading their love for dance while squeezing international hip hop battles e.g.; Street Star Hip Hop Sweden (2010) SDK Czech Republic Crew battle (2010) WDC Hip Hop Japan (2010) and the list goes on.

Check out ”Take Two” above, shot and edited by Yoram Savion for YAK-films, capturing them dancing on the streets of Dusseldorf, Germany, with music by B’ZWAX.

Also, get a re-cap and re-experience the battle below, where the duo won the battle back in 2010. As always just as remarkable and a definite must see. It’s just so liberating to watch, they just connect and are so synced and intertwined and move to a beat of their own drum.

And finally we’d – once again – like to remind you to view director Tora Mårten’s trailer for the upcoming documentary ”Dear Dance..” – We’re so stoked on seeing the complete version planned for release in 2012 (work in progress).


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