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Emily Kai Bock – is a superstar director and photographer from Canada, who stands behind some pretty impressive videos forSebastien Schuller and Grimes, among others. She is also the director of the all time coolest and most creative Coca Cola commercial. Ever. Emily tells stories with her videos. They are as rich in cinematic texture, as a pomegranate is in arils. Yes, they are pleasing to watch and yes, they are a treat for the eye. And just like Emily Kai Bock tells stories –  so do the subjects of her documentary Spit Gold Under An Empire.

We find out about the new Brooklyn hip-hop scene, the underground one. There is one hip-hop storyteller speaking in verse at every second corner of a street. Probably not exactly so, but hip-hop is surely alive and well, in case anyone was in need of reassurance. Most of the rappers aren’t famous, but some are getting there. It seems that some stories are best kept dirty. Some of them just don’t hold up during the industry’s tumble and dry cycle.

For more info on the director visit:  www.emilykaibock.com


Spit Gold Under An Empire

(Part of the New American Noise series, presented by Nokia Music and Sundance Channel) 

Directed & Edited by: Emily Kai Bock

Featuring: Kirk Knight // CJ Fly // Angel Haze // Mykki Blanco // The Underachievers

Executive Producers: Tash Tan & Brooke DeVard Smith

Producer: Gaetan Rousseau

Associate Producer: Lee Groombridge

Production Manager: Laure Salgon

Cinematographer: Adrien Bertolle

Steadicam Operator // Jon Beattie // 1st AC // Niko Kuhn (Day 1) // Timothée Arene (Day 2) // Sound Recordist // Florent Barber // Sound Mix // Martin Leitner at Wave Studios // Music Licensing // Marcus Brooke-Smith & Dom Bastyra at Platinum Rye // Artists & Tracks // French Vanilla by Kirk Knight // Nah Right by CJ Fly // Supreme by Angel Haze // Join My Militia by Mykki Blanco // Leopard Shepard by The Underachievers // Special Thanks // Paradoxal IncSomesuch & Co., Charles Damga, Morgan Steiker, Marine Sellier, Leroy Benros, Amber Clayton and Kayt Hall at Wave Studios

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