Omen-esque chills

A while back I did a write-up on SALEM, and since then that particular screwed-style remixed music aka witch house (or drag), has continued to grow on me. My latest discovery, within that subgenre is “Ass Swung Low” which is a trippy and witchy track of the Stretch 1 EP, by up and coming Venezuelan producer Arca. This new eclectic genre is postmodern, deconstructed, experimental, undefined, confusing, unpredictable and spanking new, and I dig this song, just as much as I like the lo-fi aesthetic in this video by London-based graphic/motion designer Jesse Kanda, depicting computer-animated images of omen-esque babies. This is evil. I like them, they’re gangsta. Ok, it’s unsettling to watch but it’s amusing and original in its own ‘ground breaking’ distorted way.

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