Ode to Octavia St Laurent

Our favorite Petter Wallenberg (aka House of Wallenberg) is your quintessential all round-renaissance man and wears the DIY-crown like ‘la-di-da’. Besides being the Editor-in-chief of Mums Mums Magazine, he’s also the CEO of Mums Mums Records and directs all his videos single-handedly. His portfolio continues to astonish us and includes a list of the most legendary artists worldwide.

Last year, this talented Swedish producer/ DJ/Nightclub promoter was featured as a guest speaker at Stocktown’s public event:Show & Tell # 7 and wowed the rest of us away with his video for ‘Be My Lover. Well, he’s done it again, currently in the buzz with ‘Be somebody’ off the soon to drop album Legends (April 2013, via Mums Mums Records). The track features the vocals of the late house diva Octavia St Laurent who starred in the legendary doc about the vogue scene in New York during the 80’s –Paris Is Burning (‘90) who labeled herself as ‘a rich somebody’.

Fragment from the Paris is Burning movie ft.Octavia

The black-and-white video for ‘Be Somebody’ dropped on March 18th 2013, and pays an endearing homage to Octavia. Straight from the Big Apple, presenting a video celebrating the art of voguing in it’s own right, bound to put a smile on your face. All beautifully directed by Petter Wallenberg himself, featuring a fine cast of NY’s top notch vogue houses – House of Ninja, House of Milan and House of Evisu. Notably, during the shooting, a homeless man approached the set and held a speech about ‘being somebody’ which encapsulates the theme of the video.

Check it out! Legen-wait-for-it-dary.

For more on House of Wallenberg, stay tuned by visiting.

https://www.houseofwallenberg.com and the Facebook fan page.

House of Wallenberg – Be Somebody (feat. Octavia St Laurent)

Directed by: Petter Wallenberg // Facebook // Soundcloud

Director of cinematography: Johannes Helje // Editor: Joachim Stråning // After effects: Magnus Nytrøen // Production assistant: Linus Lord // Still photo of Octavia St Laurent: Art by Davey // Graphic design: Tove Nilson and Andy Gunnarsson // Performers: Benny Ninja, Javier Ninja, Anna Näsström, Aviance Milan, Dashaun Wesley, Devin Hall, Fredrik Quiñones


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