Obi-wan Premier ft. Nas Skywalker

Ever wondered what it would sound like if DJ Premier and Nas went berserk with the Berklee Symphony Orchestra?

Like a Star Wars battle according to some. A bit tame compared to Nas’ previous takes on Carmina Burana and Beethoven, if you ask me. Nevertheless, it is enjoyable to see Premier direct a whole symphony orchestra.

So anyway, why are they doing this?
On Feb 16th movie-goers can find out when the new documentary Re:Generation is released and five dj:s get to reimagine five traditional styles of music.

So far, I’m really feeling the bayou jam between Mark Ronson, Erykah Badu, Mos Def – ok, sorry… Yasiin Bey (can everyone please stop changing their names) and top drummer Zigaboo Modeliste (of The Meters) in New Orleans.

I was expecting a bit bolder thinking when it comes to genre clashes than classical music and hiphop though. Not only is it the foundation of the whole ‘Save the last dance‘-concept, but also well explored musically.
What daring reinvention would you have liked to have seen instead? And by whom?

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