Moving the unmoving

Eness is probably most known for their video projections on to ”stuff”. It’s a bit tricky to explain but they make a lot of public art installations where the audience can interact and affect the artwork in real time. Usually by using a video projection on a surface, like a quarter pipe or something similar.

Möbius is my favorite piece of theirs and also totally different (I’m so alternative it hurts, doncha know). It’s an animated sculpture that is only animated when watched through a time-lapse and it’s oh so very clever and pretty.

Most street art is only available in the “now”. You see it and then some time later it’s gone forever, Möbius does the opposite. It’s sturdy and unmoving to the viewer on the street,* while we at home get to watch it in motion.

I love it. *Yeah, yeah I know, there’s probably a bunch of dudes from Eness running about moving parts of the sculpture to animate it. I just like my version of events better is all.

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