Miss Vantastic

Barcelona-resident Miss Van (aka Vanessa Alice Bensimon) has since way back elbowed herself into the macho graffiti world with her feminine street art, exhibiting sultry female characters.

Screen Shot: Miss Van
Screen Shot: Miss Van

Last year, the UK art-mag VNA Magazine caught up with this French graf icon in the vibrant city of Sao Paulo, to indulge into the artist’s world of poupees (or dolls) who for years have covered walls in various cities worldwide, making art lovers drop their jaws of bliss. In this short film by Dscreet, we give you the Queen and crème de la crème of street art and get an insight to the creative fuel behind her work and get inspired by her artistic journey. Voilà!


For more on the beautiful work by Miss Van, go to www.missvan.com

+ check out the Facebook Fan Page


Miss Van Sao Paulo 2013 VNA

Film by Dscreet // From The Baron on Vimeo

For: VNA Magazine (Very Nearly Almost Magazine)

In association with The dots film 

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