Kiribati is a small island Nation of 33 atolls spread across the South Pacific, the area is about the size of Alaska and the total amount of land could fit within Manhattan. Swedish/Eritrean photographer Malin Fezehai traveled to the island last year in April, and started working on a film project titled Miss July, covering a dance group of cross-dressing men living on the island. Their ages vary from 15-40 years old, and with a well-polished dance routine they’ve become one of the most popular dance groups on the island.

Fezehai was so impressed by their courage to express their femininity through dance – considering Kiribati is a very religious society. But only because they’re considered being better dancers than most women, the majority of people on the island accepted them. During her visit she filmed many of their performances and promised them that she would make a film about them.

Also make sure to check the trailer below!

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