Mind the gap!

The optical hazard, created by Swedish photographer and computer whiz Erik Johansson, unluckily only a short-lived flirt with disaster for by passing spectators during June 7-12, was crazily installed at the core of the open space Swedes commonly call Plattan (the platform), ridiculously near Kulturhuset, Stockholm, and the digital Stocktown exhibition. Call it a missed opportunity but this was not Stocktown’s doing, no stunt to lure urban art-lovers, the cred goes totally and utterly to the artist and Generation 7, the project that invited Erik and six others to live out their creative fantasies.

The clip shows a glimpse of Erik’s’, apparently to have the Earth swallow you whole, so if you have a soft spot for some concrete inner-city art and don’t suffer from dizziness- this is definitely for you. It’s also for the historically aware as it calls to mind the 60’s- when the area was under serious reconstruction, an accidental historical reference giving the piece more depth still.

Of course the illusion is only complete from a certain spot, but from Stocktown’s vantage point Mind your step looks good from every angle.

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