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When I say metal, death metal, groove metal or any other kind of metal, is Botswana the country one usually associates with this genre? Not really. Why? Because when it comes to metal music – most people would instinctively think Eurocentrically, since it origins from the UK and USA. Some would probably even recognize that a considerable amount of metal music comes from the Nordic countries, Australia or Brazil, but not many would typically associate metal with Botswana.

That is a fallacy of a kind, since in the age of internet – ignorance is a choice. A geopolitical origin of music is something that should not play any importance in our mindsets. So, to be a metal band from Botswana, it must then, be quite simple to get access to gigs and all sorts of media promotion? Wrong, it is in fact, not that easy.

Even if the Gaborone-based band named WRUST do in fact gain recognition, it is not common for the festival organisers to cover traveling costs for the band. If the band is from a country such as Botswana (or any other country with a low GDP), that might mean that the band simply won’t make it to the gig. No wonder our stereotypes about where metal music comes from are perpetuated again, cause we don’t get to see any metal bands from Botswana playing on the festivals.

March of the Gods – The Band (3rd teaser trailer, featuring the band itself, Wrust)

This proof is taken from Wrust’s Facebook page:

It is with great remorse and regret that WRUST were not be able to play in Poland for the Metal Mania Festival. All our sponsors backed out the last minute and the money that the band had raised was no where near what was needed. I would however like to thank Metal Mania Festival for having considered WRUST for this Metal Fest.” ‘March of the Gods – Botswana Metalheads‘ is made by three metal fans from London who got tired of misconceptions about modern Africa, and decided to shed light on the topic via this documentary. According to them the metal scene in Africa is emerging and becoming a movement: “The documentary aims to bring to light an emerging musical subculture blending the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, African tradition and Biker and Cowboy fashion“.

The film maker’s accompanying fundraising campaign to cover the band’s travel expenses to Italy was a success, and Wrust will actually perform on a metal festival where they have been invited to perform. If you like metal and happen to be around Milan on the 26th of June, you already know about SoloMacello. If you don’t, well then, this had a news value to you and you might just get there in time to see the gig as well as be a witness to the shooting of the last scene of this documentary.

March Of The Gods – Botswana Metalheads is planned for release in early 2014, stay tuned via


March Of The Gods – Botswana Metalheads – Teaser Trailer

 Starring: Wrust ( ft. Stux Daemon- (guitars and vox), Ben phaks-guitars, Oppy Gae ( bass), Dem Lord Master- (drums)

Directed by: Raffaeele Mosca

Written by: Raffaeele Mosca, Alessio Calabresi

Produced by: Natalia Kouenli


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