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If I say ‘You, you are my high’ does that ring a bell? And if so, do goosebumps by any chance automatically arise and cover your entire body? Well, at least that’s what happens to me when I hear that song. Why am I sharing this info with you? Because back in 2000, that particular song and video titled ‘You Are My High’ went viral exclusively produced by the french producer DEMON (aka Jérémie Mondon) who dropped a bomb in the electronic music scene by wowing all with his sound. Known as the ‘little brother’ of the musical genre known as ‘french touch’, Demon eventually also gained props from his french peers, such as Daft Punk, Cassius, Etienne de Crecy and even Mr Oizo, just to name a few.

demon city beats

Not only is the guy a musical genius – but he always seems to find the most original ways of putting his sound into motion. And for that reason alone – he knows exactly which doors to knock on for musical collabs. Hanging out with H5 on his first album ‘Midnight Funk’ (2000) DEMON recently worked with Geraçao 80, an Angolan collective of filmmakers, who shot his last video for ‘Luanda City Beats(off the debut EP ‘City’, out November 25th on La Tebwa.)

The first gem off an anticipated LP (planned to drop in 2014) and which is highly influenced by his numerous travels in Africa. In case you want to travel Luanda accompanied with some heavy beats in your ears, then surely its a pleasure for DEMON to guide you through the “ruas” (streets in portuguese) of the Angolan capital.

Behind the scenes (Courtesy of DEMON)


EDITOR’S NOTE: Catch a glimpse of Angola’s MCing kuduro queen Titica, who makes an appearance in the video (3:19 min in). WOW – by far our favourite artist and the most promising leading act wearing the kuduro crown in the country. 


DEMON – “Luanda City Beats” (Official Video)


Directed by: Hugo Salvaterra

Production by: Jorge Cohen for Geração 80


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  1. Nice work, Hugo & Jorge and all the people at Geracao 80. Looking forward to see the our collab with ngola production coming out in 2014.

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